Participate in the nexIK project by providing information about your Commercial / Industrial Kitchen. You can do that by filling out this survey:

At this stage of the project, we need to gather some information about restaurant kitchens in order to understand their main characteristics, and how they vary between restaurants. The results will allow us to develop simulations of the electricity and water consumption of the participating restaurants, as well as to make a statistical and comparative analysis of these consumptions.

As a main stakeholder of a restaurant you can support the project by filling out this short form lasting 1 minute. No confidential questions will be asked and all data will be protected by the General Data Protection Regulation, and at any time you can withdraw from participating in the investigation and your data will be removed.

On the other hand, you will have access to the results of this component of the project, so that you can compare your restaurant’s data with others in your region, and others spread across the country. This information can be useful for you to gain a better understanding of your establishment’s efficiency in terms of water and energy consumption. In addition, by answering this questionnaire, you will have first-hand access to a page available on the project’s official page, where content will be made available on good practices in restaurant kitchens with a focus on energy efficiency and water and energy savings.

Find the survey in by clicking here.